Questions and Answers:

Is the trail difficult? How long does the hike up Foss take?

The trail maintains a steady uphill grade and, just above tree line, navigates a steep open slab. This is a section we hope to re-route in order to make the trail as hiker-friendly as is possible.

From Trailhead Parking, it is a .4 mile hike and, depending on your rate of travel, it takes about 20-30 minutes to reach the top.

When is the road up to Foss free of snow?

Sometimes weeks after it is clear in surrounding towns! The road up to Foss from the Lower Parking Lot is on a steep, wooded, north facing hill. More snow falls here than in the towns around due to the elevation. Snow stays because it gets packed down in the winter, and is shaded. Please don't drive on the road when there is mud, snow or ice on it! Park below in the Lower Parking Lot and take a little longer walk.

Are bikes allowed on Foss Mountain?

In order to protect the fragile environment, bicycles, 4-wheelers, ATVs and dirt bikes are not permitted on Foss Mountain or any town lands. They are permitted on class 6 roads.

Can I hike Foss Mountain in the winter? Snowmobile?

Please leave snowmobiles in the parking lot as they are not allowed beyond the gate.

Foss is beautiful in the winter. There is no winter parking past the Lower Parking Lot, but you are welcome to park there. You will need to walk, ski or snowshoe the 1.4 miles to the summit. Bring extra clothing as the wind is chilly up top.

Can I camp or have fires?

There is no camping on Foss or overnight parking in the parking lots.

Fires are never allowed, neither are fireworks. See Regulations.

Can I have a party on Foss?

Please Don't! Please come in small family or friend groups and respect our group size limit of 15, with a required permit. See Regulations.

Can I use Foss to have professional photos taken?

Commercial use on Foss like having your engagement photos taken or leading a camp or other group requires a permit. Please respect others visiting Foss, and try and come on weekdays instead of prime weekend time. See Regulations.

Should I follow my GPS?

In a word, no. We do not have reliable cell service in Eaton Center and there are impassable roads that your GPS may tell you to follow. For example, you can not drive a vehicle to Foss Mountain Road from Freedom, NH and the road from Porter, ME is single lane, requires 4-wheel drive and is not a maintained road.

When is the best time to pick blueberries?

It depends on the year, but typically July into early August. Public picking is only on the top of Foss Mountain. Please respect areas posted "No Blueberry Picking". The "No Picking" areas are for harvest by a local farmer. This income goes to maintaining Foss Mountain. Every third year, after the ridge is cut to keep the trees from overtaking the berries and the view, there will be few if any blueberries. Wild blueberries need two years to produce fruit after being cut!

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